Am I a Candidate For Dental Implants?

By Cornerstone Dental Group
February 09, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants? How dental implants can help you.

You’ve probably seen the advertisements for dental implants, but you are not sure they would be right for you. Chances are if you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants are the perfect choice for you. You need to seek out the help of an expert like the dentists at Dental ImplantsCornerstone Dental Group in Cincinnati, Ohio. They can tell you how well dental implants will work for you.

Your dentist will surgically place the dental implant in your jawbone, and your bone “fuses” around it, so the implant becomes a permanent part of you, just like your other teeth. The implant will function as the missing “root” of your tooth. With some types of implants, the crown and implant are one piece and are placed together, and in other cases implants are more than one piece, and the crown is placed later. Your dentist at Cornerstone Dental will help you decide which type of implant is best for you.

Dental implants work best if you are in good health. There are some medical conditions which can affect the fusion of your implant. Be sure and let your dentist at Cornerstone Dental know if you:

  • Are a smoker
  • Drink alcohol to excess
  • Have current or a history of periodontal disease
  • Have uncontrolled diabetes
  • Have cancer or a history of radiation to your jaws

There are measurements your dentist at Cornerstone needs to make regarding your available bone for the implant. Using detailed x-rays which may include 3D scans and computer imaging, your dentist will be able to decide if you have sufficient bone to accommodate the implant. If not, don’t despair. There are methods of creating bone growth to make an implant possible.

If you are missing one or more teeth, you owe it to yourself to check out what dental implants can do to improve your looks and your chewing function. Don’t settle for uncomfortable, inconvenient removable partials and dentures when you can have dental implants, the modern, permanent alternative. It’s time to contact your dentist at Cornerstone Dental Group in Cincinnati, Ohio and find out what dental implants can do for you and your smile. Call today!