Give Yourself a Smile You Love

By Cornerstone Dental Group
April 10, 2020
Category: Oral Health
Tags: cosmetic dentistry  

Have you noticed in pictures that you're not smiling as broadly as you could? Maybe you're making sure to smile with your lips closed over your teeth to disguise stains, chips, or gaps. With cosmetic dentistry, you don't have to be embarrassed about your smile. Dr. Ron Solomon and Dr. Angela Burleson-Ott of Cornerstone Dental Group in Cincinnati, Ohio offer a multitude of cosmetic dental treatments and procedures, all aimed at helping you look and feel your best. Read on to learn more about this popular branch of dentistry.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

The field of dentistry has lots of specializations within it; there are doctors who focus solely on applying braces (orthodontists) or those who identify and treat gum disease (periodontists). Cosmetic dentistry is one such classification, and your Cincinnati dentists have made it a part of their regular practice. Cosmetic dentistry primarily concentrates on improving the appearance of a patient's teeth, whether it's the shape, size, color, alignment, or a combination of these. However, cosmetic dentistry procedures often tie into treatments that keep your teeth healthy; for example, dental implants look great, but their unique design - the post standing in for a natural tooth's root - also helps to ensure that the rest of your teeth stay functional and attractive as well.

Examples of cosmetic dentistry

If you have a physical flaw with one or more of your teeth, there's a cosmetic dentistry procedure to help you feel great about your smile. Whitening, for example, is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment worldwide; it's affordable and offers immediate results when you use professional-grade whitening products from your Cincinnati dentist. The color of your teeth can be brightened by up to 8 shades in just one appointment. Bonding is another quick and affordable option to repair minor flaws on your teeth, including chips, cracks, spaces, or whitening-resistant discolorations. For a full smile makeover, Dr. Solomon and Dr. Burleson-Ott offer dental implants, as we mentioned above, as well as veneers, which are thin pieces of porcelain that fit on the front of teeth that are shortened, crooked, discolored, or misshapen.

If you're in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, Dr. Ron Solomon or Dr. Angela Burleson-Ott at Cornerstone Dental Group are here to keep your teeth healthy and looking great.