Will I Need a Crown?

By Cornerstone Dental Group
October 20, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Maybe you have been told you need a root canal or maybe you have broken a tooth. One of the first questions you might ask is “will I dental crownneed a crown?”

That’s a perfectly natural and legitimate question many people ask, especially when they find they need a dental procedure and are seeking to repair a damaged tooth.

So if you are wondering whether you need a crown in Cincinnati, OH, you might want to talk to a qualified dentist such as the staff at Cornerstone Dental Group. The dentists with Cornerstone Dental Group Dr. Ron Solomon and Dr. Angela Burleson-Ott can help you make the appropriate decision for your situation.

A crown is a prosthetic dental device your Cincinnati dentist attaches permanently to cover a tooth that may be chipped, broken, or otherwise filed down. Crowns are used in a variety of procedures. For example, your Cincinnati dentist may recommend a crown to protect and strengthen a tooth that is so decayed it can’t be restored with a filling. Or you may have lost a tooth and need a dental implant.

Crowns are usually made of ceramic, porcelain, resin, or sometimes even metal. Usually, your Cincinnati dentist will use material that looks like your other teeth and will custom design the crown to look like your natural tooth.

Getting a crown is one of the most common dental procedures done today. It is simple, quick and painless. Crowns are long-lasting – they can go 5-15 years before they need replacing – depending on what they are made of and how well the patient takes care of them. Most important, crowns can help preserve your natural teeth and improve your smile, and ultimately your confidence and well-being.

If you are wondering if you need a crown or are seeking the services of a qualified dentist in Cincinnati, OH, consider contacting Cornerstone Dental Group. For more information call 513-631-8920.