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By Cornerstone Dental Group
December 14, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Discover how this simple, non-invasive dental treatment could improve the shape of your smile.

Not all cosmetic treatments require a whole lot of time or money. In fact, we an easily make minor changes to your smile with simple dental bondingoptions like dental bonding. No need for anesthesia, drilling or other unpleasantries. Our Cincinnati, OH family dentists, Dr. Ron Solomon and Dr. Angela Burleson-Ott, are here to tell you about dental bonding and what it could do for your smile.

What is dental bonding?

This pliable tooth-colored material is applied over the tooth to hide common imperfections and flaws that are keeping you from having the smile that you want. The resin our Cincinnati cosmetic dentists use for bonding is the same material that we use to fill a cavity. Of course, since this treatment is purely cosmetic we won’t need to use a drill or anesthesia like we would if you were getting a dental filling (isn’t that a relief?). The only thing we will have to do after we mold the bonding to the ideal shape is to then harden it with our special dental laser.

Is a bonded tooth easy to care for?

Absolutely! However, it is important to note that this material can stain if you don’t care for your bonded teeth properly. This means that you’ll want to limit or even avoid certain foods and drinks like wine, coffee, dark teas, tomato sauce and other dark condiments if you want to prevent discolorations. In order to keep your smile looking its best, you should always maintain the very best oral care regime to ensure that teeth and gums remain healthy.

How long does bonding resin last?

It isn’t unheard of for some people to have bonding that lasts between 10 to 15 years. A lot will depend on how well you care for your smile. Fortunately, dental bonding really doesn’t require any special care or upkeep in order to last a long time.

Dental bonding can be a great way to improve the shape or appearance of a tooth or teeth. If you are ready to find out if you are a good candidate for bonding then turn to Cornerstone Dental Group in Cincinnati, OH.